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I'm a singer-songwriter, composer, sound practitioner and I lead workshops on voice and meditation.

I have always been interested in sound. I remember vividly the first time someone put headphones on my ears when I was a child: it was so intense that I felt like I had entered a new territory "inside the music". It was magical and powerful at the same time. 

My main passion is singing and creating vocal harmonies, something I have been doing from a young age with my family, as part of a choir and on my own with my loop machine. Early in my career I worked as a professional theatre actress and even there, most of my parts involved singing.

I grew up writing and composing music, playing the piano and singing my own compositions, and I'm now a full time composer and singer-songwriter ( Kat May, La Louve Records)


​A few years ago, I started my journey into a more spiritual side of sound. I discovered sound baths and gong baths, which were part of my yoga practice with Kwali Kumara, and I was amazed by the power sound could have on one's physical, spiritual and general wellbeing, so I decided to explore it on a different level. I started learning different meditational and healing vocal techniques: Sacred Indian Chanting with Ustad Narinder Singh, Tibetan overtone with Jill Purce, Vocal toning and Sacred Sound with Anne Malone, I did  a year long course on Vocal improvisation and ritual singing with Briony Greenhill called Singing the Unseen, I studied mixing and composition for 4 semesters at Berkley College of Music and I'm currently doing a danse therapy diploma with Fabienne Courmont called La Danse de l'Etre to explore the many connections between sounds and movements.

Today, I compose music for pop-folk projects, meditation music, films, theatre and advertisement, I lead workshops on voice and meditation ("Sing | Dance | Meditate" / "De la Source a la voix") and Sacred Sound sessions at the Mind Body Spirit Festival (London, Birmingham). 

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