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What is a Sacred Sound session?

A Sacred Sound session is an immersion into sounds and vibrations created by instruments (voice, drums, gong and singing bowls) .

It's a meditative, relaxing and restorative experience.

How long is a session?

 During the Mind Body Spirit Festival the group sessions are 30 minutes long.

I also offer private sessions in Paris (60 minutes / 90 minutes)


 Sacred Sound sessions are usually performed in calm spaces.


Everything in life has to be balanced. 

 Our lives can sometimes be busy, full of movements and excitements. This rush of energy is what make us feel alive, it connects us with the outer world.

But movement and stillness should equally be experienced to help us live a balanced life.

We sometimes need quiet places and experiences to recharge our energy. 

Allocating specific times to come back into ourselves, to deeply embark on a personal peaceful journey, to connect, to be present in the here and now is essential for our own wellbeing. That's why experiences like Sacred Sound sessions, yoga, and meditation can help you feel refreshed and ready to bring yourself out into the world.

If you are interested in booking a group session or a private session contact me at 


Upcoming events

Sacred Sound session - Mind Body Spirit Festival - London

Sun 26 May / Mon 27 May 2019 |  Olympia

Hammersmith Rd, Hammersmith, London W14 8UX

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